Dragged into a meditation not meditated


Meditation induced by the power of the Point #dlencuentro

 ¿¿¿How does an unexpected meditation hapens???

At the bottom of a valley and next to a river, blessed by the forcefulness  of the trees and a tree, surrounded by nearby horizons, is our Vortex Point #dlencuentro ( #ofencounter ), a place of natural energy crossed by a LINE OF POWER where my empty heart becomes full. And my full mind empties.

I receive my unexpected moment #dlencuentro ( #ofencounter ) with the introspection sitting on one of my energy places where an internal order led me, covered by the protective shadow of a friendly tree or the cozy shelter of my night ceiling or the breathtaking infinite cloak of an infinite universe illuminated by the sparkling of thousands of bright stars and the shining of blazes by thousands.

My lost look stops when It stumbles with my NEAREST HORIZON, I receive it back, inverted by the unexpected collision, it returns over my eyes penetrating to my deepest recesses and digging into other closer horizons.

Invaded my forgotten spaces, an uncontrolled emotional elevator pushes out my useless memory that slowly springs up through my nose, my ears, my eyes and my mouth in an endless exhalation.

The slowed vital rhythm is once again occupying the corners that were becoming deserted with new ideas, new desires and peaceful calm and everything comes back and springs up through my nose, my ears, my eyes and my mouth.

And my nearest horizon is diluted and my glance flies dragging my mind towards my deepest self and I disappear melted by the fusion #dlencuentro ( #ofencounter ) with my protective tree or my cozy night ceiling or my overwhelming and infinite universe.

Everything and my everything begins to flow and begins my everything and everything to order and the light returns to my eyes and the laughter returns to my mouth and my ears sing while my nose is invaded by a fragrant AROMA OF FLOWERS.


¡¡¡ Afortunado quien descubre su camino y puede seguirlo !!!

¡¡¡ Lucky who discovers his *** her way and can follow it !!!

¡¡¡ Hagamos grande el camino disfrutando #dlencuentro !!!

¡¡¡ Let’s make the road great by enjoying #dlencuentro !!!


Virgen #dlencuentro no nos abandones

Virgin #dlencuentro Don´t leave us alone

Y *** And

¡¡¡ Extiende como manto protector tu mano ausente !!!

¡¡¡ Spread out  your absent hand like a protective mantle !!!

Abrazos desde el otro lado.

Hugs from the other side.

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Las imágenes y textos son del  #desgranante

The images and texts are created by the #desgranante



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