Feeling the power of the magical parallel 42N in the lands of Navarra.


LIVING the PLACE #dlencuentro the site of a mystic meeting #mystmeet

¡¡¡Lucky who discovers the way and can follow it !!!

Atardecer mágico

Our point  #dlencuentro site of a mystic meeting  #mystmeet  is a place on earth, in the lands of #Navarra , over the magical parallel 42N that has found us, the space where we feel fully connected to the cosmos and transmits us comforting powers and energies, is a great contribution to our inner serenity.

With a previous monotonous life like a monochord song we started the first part of our metamorphosis with the arrival of our Lady of #mystmeet that directed our lifes to the site of #mystmeet or  #dlencuentro and where we are living actually  the process of encounter with ourselves, introspective and very personal.

This magical place provides us the space where relaxation becomes easy, where our body abandons itself letting be dragged into other spiritual states.

These words are dedicated to those who believe in the existence of places and objects of power that are capable of improving us and also for those who don´t believe because its reading will not force them to do anything they don´t want.

We appreciate any word of encouragement, advice, collaboration or support from anyone who wants to accompany us on our way to its full development.

¡¡¡ Lady of #mystmeet we feel like a protective mantle your absent hand !!!

Rosas Lady #mystmeet

#despertarespiritual #spiritualawakening #Navarra #TierraEstella #paralelo42N #parallel42N

The images and texts are created by #desgranante #dlencuentro

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